Case Study - Oral B


OS Commerce

The Dental Store launched a personalized, contactless eCommerce platform using Openscreen Commerce


Dental offices are an ideal place to sell professional-grade toothbrushes, but how could Procter & Gamble work with dentists to prescribe and sell these products in a frictionless way?

With Openscreen Commerce, P&G was able to

  • – Create a frictionless scan-to-purchase solution that could be used in any dental office
  • – Use unique and trackable QR Codes to measure individual dentist and practice results
  • – Gather new insights into the demographics of their purchasing consumers
  • – Increase the sale of their products using a new and innovative channel

Procter & Gamble was able to grow their leadership position in the electric brush space using the Openscreen Commerce solution.

”Openscreen Commerce allows me to prescribe a product that drives better health outcomes without having the hassle of payment processing, inventory management and fulfilment”

– Dr. Jeff Glaizel, DDS