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Openscreen Inventory for Electronics


Nuvolinq, a leading internet-of-things provider of enterprise connectivity solutions, was able to implement a serialized inventory solution -with no custom hardware or software- in a matter of days using Openscreen Inventory

Openscreen Inventory gave Nuvolinq the ability to:

  • Harmonize the various types of inventory arriving from different connectivity and equipment vendors
  • Define, configure and manage serialized and non-serialized inventory in one platform
  • Optimize their stock levels of valuable equipment to ensure customer continuity
  • Track aging of inventory by manufacturer, SKU and item
  • Track scanned location of inventory via QR Code GPS scan capture
  • Visualize and report on stock levels of SIM cards, routers and other equipment in real time

Key Results

Openscreen Inventory gives Nuvolinq unparalleled and accurate insights into its ordered, received and shipped inventory of Internet-of-Things devices. GPS-tracked scanning also delivers visibility into geographically deployed and distributed equipment on a real-time basis.