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Openscreen Track for Nuvolinq


Nuvolinq, a leading Canadian provider of connectivity and IOT solutions introduced Scanlinq, a QR Code powered way to automate device provisioning, diagnostics and support, for customers, employees and partners in the field.

Openscreen Track enabled the Nuvolinq to:

  • Pair devices with serialized QR Codes using the OS Track pairing app
  • Place device-specific QR Codes on routers that could be scanned for support
  • Use the on-device QR Codes to look up the device in Nuvolinq’s operations platform
  • Automatically query the last known status of router using the QR Code scan
  • Send a real time, contextual support ticket to Nuvolinq for real time support

Key Results

Nuvolinq leverages their Openscreen Track powered service, called Scan Linq as a value added feature to their clients.  This feature has enabled real time, on location customer service, reducing outage time, stranded devices, and device replacement costs.