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Openscreen Track for Iron Gate Wines


With a growing market for art, fine wine and collectibles, how can auction houses give customers a living history of the authenticity, provenance and details of their investments?  Iron Gate wines, a leading North American auction house, wanted a way to do that for every bottle of wine they sold.

Openscreen Track enabled Iron Gate wines to transform the collecting experience by:

  • Adding a serialized QR Code sticker on every bottle sold
  • Giving collectors the full story and provenance of their wines
  • Providing data visualization of where wines are being scanned, when
  • Creating a value add service to the full auction experience
  • Ensuring data curated at the time of auction would be accessible to collectors, forever

Key Results

With their new QR Code based provenance and history service (called Iron Scan),  Iron Gate has been able to offer their customers a lasting history of the wines they purchase, available at the scan of a bottle.  In turn, Iron Gate retains lasting relationships with clients, long after every sale.