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Openscreen Engage



Dori, an automated mobile gifting business, wanted to measure the impact & efficacy of its sampling campaign and learn more about its specific users.

With Openscreen Engage, Dori was able to:

  • Create a master QR Code to be displayed on the contactless vending machine
  • Capture all scan records when scanned
  • Trigger scan intent by directing users to the branded Dori web-form, hosted by Openscreen
  • Capturing and storing 2,000+ contacts as well as additional user data that was important to Dori

Key Results

Dori was able to capture 2,000+ consenting contacts in a single campaign at a single location. With this data, Dori was able to determine exactly who was engaging with their sampling campaign and can can use this data to explore additional expansion opportunities with brand partners.

“Openscreen Engage powers the entire lifecycle of our contactless sampling redemption campaign and allows us to discover who our customers really are”

– Noam Hazan, Founder