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Openscreen Inventory for E-Commerce


Maple & Lather, an online retailer of luxe soaps and candles, needed a flexible way to manage their active inventory across multiple SKUs, locations and suppliers. With several parties involved (contractors and employees), they wanted an open, accurate and turnkey Inventory system.

Openscreen Inventory enabled Maple & Lather to:

  • Define each, item and case level SKUs
  • Generate and print customized QR Code labels for inventory
  • Count and manage inventory using an iOS app, with no need for new hardware
  • Add additional scan-information for external partners scanning inventory QR Codes
  • Report on orders, inventory and shipments by location and SKU in real time
  • Reconcile any previous errors from prior inventory and eliminate any duplication or missed counts by using serialized inventory QR Codes

Key Results

Openscreen Inventory was able to transform Maple & Lather’s inventory and supply chain with a turnkey, out-of-the-box platform that was easily customizable to the eCommerce retailers specific needs. With 100% accurate inventory management they were able to optimize levels of stock at every step of the value chain.