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Openscreen Engage for Customer Support


Leading broadband operators and consumer electronics brands are leveraging Openscreen Engage to create QR Code activated customer support microsites. These microsites are device-and-model specific, ensuring customers get support and resolution efficiently and cost-effectively.

Openscreen Engage has enabled telecom and electronics manufacturers to:

  • Create device-and-model specific microsites using a drag-and-drop editor
  • Design, generate and print brand-enhanced QR Code support stickers for their devices
  • Deflect calls and customer support visits with real-time, digital support
  • Integrate support workflows into existing trouble ticket and issue resolution platforms
  • Visualize and report upon customer issues by region, data and specific device using Engage‚Äôs scan tracking technology

Key Results

Openscreen Engage has been able to deliver positive ROI in-year with low cost, on-device customer support microsites that leverage existing content and tools to create a powerful issue resolution experience These solutions provide measurable and meaningful increases in self-care metrics.