The lights on your color printer won’t stop blinking red. You’ve navigated the manufacturer’s website but you’re having trouble finding the right make and model, let alone the troubleshooting guide. If only you could get one-click access to a curated site for your specific machine.

What if there was a QR Code right on your printer that took you to a portal that was purpose-built for your specific make and model. One scan and you’re exactly where you want to be, with all the resources (and just the resources) for your product.

Using QR codes to activate custom digital manuals for products can be a convenient and efficient way to get product specific relevant information, when and where customers need it most.

With Openscreen Engage, manufacturers can easily create device-specific support flows that increase issue-resolution rates and client satisfaction. Here’s how:

  1. Design & Host Product Specific Digital Manuals
    Use Openscreen Engage’s Page and Form manager to drag-and-drop digital manuals for each of your products. They can include text instructions, images, diagrams, videos, or a combination of these elements.  They can also include content from your existing site but organized in a product-specific way. 
  2. Design, Generate & Print Branded QR Codes:
    Once your microsites are done, use the QR Code studio to design a branded QR Code that integrates seamlessly into your product’s look and feel.   Leverage the print wizard to generate sheets, rolls or even digital files to include ON your actual product.
  3. Clone Existing Manuals for New Products
    Openscreen Engage’s page and form cloning feature means you don’t have to start from scratch when you have new product SKUs.  Just clone the manual of an existing product and change what you need.  You’ll have QR Codes for your entire lineup, in minutes.
  4. Track Issues & Dynamically Optimize Your Manual
    With the Openscreen Engage dashboard and reporting function, you’ll be able to track the usage of your manuals with every scan and understand what products and issues are driving support requests.  Based on these insights, you can change your content at any time.
  5. Replenish, Cross-Sell and Upsell Too:
    Digital manuals don’t need to be used for support alone.  Give your customers links to order supplies, upgrade equipment or buy complementary products.  Leverage every interaction to drive more revenue.
  6. Add a Form for Customer Feedback
    Your digital manuals don’t have to stop at one-way content.  Using Openscreen Engage’s Form Manager, get feedback from your customers WHILE they’re using your products.  They’re the best to let you know how you can engineer a more perfect product and user experience.

By incorporating contextual QR codes ONTO your products, manufacturers can optimize the customer support experience while meaningfully reduce costs and time-to-resolution. 

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